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Sowareen Solutions AG provides environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions based on decades of experience of entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers, and combines these solutions with financial management expertise and capital to produce equally sustainable economic cycles.

Our core competencies:

  • Waste Management
  • Waste to Energy   
  • Renewable Energies       
  • Water Treatment


SOWAREEN – SOlid WAste Management an REnewables ENergies

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Waste Management


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Waste to Energy



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Renewable Energy



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Water an waste water



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Business Adress

Solid Waste Management and Renewable Energies
Klotenerstr. 107
CH - 8303 Bassersdorf/ZH
Tel.: +41-792726125
Fax: +49-30- 81452785

Representative offices

  • Point Noire – Republic Congo
  • Kalkutta – India
  • Hanoi – Vietnam
  • Luanda - Angola
  • Berlin – Germany